How to start Content writing in 2021

Content writing

How to start Content writing in 2021

Everyone heard about content Marketing skill or it is possible to learn to write the right content can you all learn all things can it is possible to anybody becomes a Good writer? People have so many questions about this type of Digital marketing Industry;

Content writing

If you read this article properly you will get all problem solution related Content Marketing  because in this article I m sharing the experience of many experts in Content Marketing Field lets start from begging by which you can learn in Details about Content Marketing;

If you are a beginner or you are interested to learn about content writing you need to start observation about any keyword on which you have to start writing;

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is  the way to show the value of your product have or your website its shows your potential to your costumer by which they gonna be Attract to buy any product from your website Content writer needs to focus on problems and present their solution in a creative way by content marketing;


If you want to work in the Digital Marketing Industry Content is the backbone of digital marketing if you want to become success full person in Digital marketing Industry then you must need to learn content marketing for becoming success full writer you need to Focus on your writing Skill;

Why Proper Content writing is important?

When any beginner heard about Content writing they think only about keyword or length of their article, How can they stuff keyword in Article or blop post which they write for there own articles for any company mostly beginner doing this mistake when they see failure they blame to content Marketing;

Content writing

 If you learn proper Content writing you can easily get a successful career if one time you learn this skill you can start own blog or write proper content writing you easily rank on Google;

 Let”s Know what is proper Content Writing;

Proper Content Writing is not only text writing mostly people thinks that writing word is Content writing but that’s totally wrong If you want to write a content way you need to keep these bullet things in mind which you must need to apply in your content if you want to be a professional writer;

Bullet Points of content writing which you need to keep in mind before writing;

  • Analysis of your Target keyword First
  • Video Scripts 
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Newsletter 
  • Web page Copy
  • Landing pages
  • Youtube Video Descriptions
  • Meta tag 
  • title description 
  • Podcast Titles
  • Keynotes

Content writing

 Analysis of target keywords

When you are select your keyword for writing you must need to analyze other results you need to read them first properly you have to check complete content from top to bottom when you are analysis the content you need to find out the missing information which you can complete in your Article or blog post;

When you get all the data you need to know to prepare you for self for writing you need to cover all the related information your keyword you need to create media contents or also related your keyword;

You can search your keyword or a related keyword by Magic tool of Semrush;

You can try Semrush for keyword research 7 days free tool

Video Scripts

Video Scripts you need to create video content related to your content in which you describe your content to your visitors if your content has video element in your content it holds your audience on your website it decreases you bounce time or your audience get connected and you get high conversion;

  • Create Animation Video Content
  • Youtube Video
  • You can start your webinar

Social Media Post

At this time everyone is using social media platforms I know if you are reading you have also account on all social media accounts you can use your accounts for promoting your content you get organic traffic on your website or you can create your own audience by all social media platforms;

You can use this most Famous Social Media Platforms;

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit 
  • Tumblr

If you are using this platform you can easily create a targeted audience for your brand or product in the future if you have your own audience you can easily start any startup;

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter is the highest conversion tool for every Digital Marketer if you want to become the content writer you need to create Email Newsletter in your content by which you can get subscribers for your content by which you generate leads or more conversion  by email marketing you need to write relevant content which is meaningful by which costumer or reader attracts  to subscribe your email newsletter for a future update;

Webpage Copy:

You have been expert in this if you have this skill you can compete with any website Webpage Copy means not to copy any website you have to copy their skills or strategy by which you can easily get up your content in the competition by using their webpage copy strategy;

Every content writer must need to analyze webpage of your all competitors by which you can create more valuable content for your visitors you get more impression on your website by doing this strategy;

Landing Pages

Landing Pages is the most important tool by which all websites can generate leads there are different type of landing pages for a different purpose, for example, you need to collect emails you need to create a proper landing page for generating email leads or Subscribers;

Landing Pages are also created you a specific product by which you get more sales regarding your product when customer land on your landing page attracts them to buy your product and you generate sales;

There are 8 types of landing pages are need by every website

  • Splash page
  • Squeeze page
  • Lead capture page
  • Sales page
  • Unsubscribe page
  • Viral page
  • 404 page

Youtube video description

Youtube video description is also a skill of content writing mostly people write anything in their description by which they can’t get more traffic on their channel if you write a relevant description about keyword always don’t stuff your keyword just write about keyword whenever you are writing description for any video;

Meta tag

The meta tag is basically used for every blog, video, website or any digital work you have learned to write Meta Tag you can create a relevant meta tag according to your keyword you need to focus on Meta tag if you want to start Content writing;

Title Description

Title Description decides that visitor come on your website or not Mostly people when they search their query on google they just see Title of any post or Title description if you’re written attractive description you get more chances to increase organic traffic on your website;

Title Description is a skill which you learn easily through Semrush tool you can use their SEO friendly Content writing tool for free mostly expert use these tools for writing content;

Podcast Titles:

In 2021-22 Podcast is the most growing products in Digital marketing; You can use Podcast in Content writing; Every Podcast need a Unique Attractive Title for their podcast every good content writer has to be expert in generating quality Podcast Titles by which they grab the audience;


Keynotes are part of content writing you need to create first keynotes on which you will start writing content you can focus on your keynotes and start writing and get huge traffic;

If you follow these steps you can improve your content writing if you be expert in all things you see changes on your blog it improves your content quality or you get daily more Visitors;

If you are interested to learn more about Content Writing you can download free Ebook through our website

Content writing


People Ask this Question lets provide you the solutions;

F.A.Q Lets Discuss

Q1: How I do become a content, writer?

Ans: Everyone can become a content writer if you want to start content writing you just need to select first your interest after you need to find relevant your niche topics and if you have knowledge of anything you can easily start writing and you can easily become a content writer if you want to learn more you can download free EBOOK;

 Q2: What is a content writing example?

Ans: Latest Example of Content writing type when you search any single word on the google search engine you get millions of content on your page you get the best content results;

For example if you search Avengers endgame you get all the results about Marvel movies on your webpage with written content which you read or pick random post according to your interest;


Q3: What is the role of a content writer?

Ans: Role of content writing in any industry they have to manage all the blog post, Write articles, manage to lead digitally, Social Media content, manage landing pages content or more work in Digital Marketing industries

Q4: What kind of Skills should have for content writers?

Ans: Most important Skills every Content writers have to be expert

  • Strong Research Skills
  • Adaptation
  • SEO expert
  • Good Grammar
  • Organization Skills
  • How to write SEO friendly Article
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Content Analyzer












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