Driving jobs in South Africa 2024

Driving jobs in South Africa 2022-23

Driving jobs in South Africa 2024

Welcome to Govtjobresults if you are searching for driving jobs from all over South Africa; If you want daily fresh job notifications you can allow notification in this article we will provide complete information about driving jobs in South Africa;

Driving jobs in South Africa 2022-23

You can easily apply after completing these recommendations and we promise you will get a 100% job so before you start make sure to read every line properly if you have any queries you can ask us through your comments or feedback we will completely try to solve your query;

Top Cities for Driving Jobs in South Africa

If you want to join or want to start your driving career in South Africa then you must have to apply for these cities you can check out all the latest fresh jobs in South Africa;

  • Driving Jobs in Durban
  • Driving Jobs in Gauteng
  • Driving Jobs in Cape Town
  • Driving Jobs in Western Cape
  • Driving Jobs in Johannesburg
  • Driving Jobs in Pietermartiz
  • Driving Jobs in Rustenburg

Types of Driving jobs in South Africa in 2024

  • Truck Driver:-

If you want to become a Truck Driver in South Africa; You need different types of license & special requirements according to vehicle loads if  you are driving in a company which have low load trucks or Vans you can apply for a CODE 10 Driving license or if you apply for a more than 4 wheels truck or for the heavy vehicle you need CODE 14 PDP license for driving those trucks;

Code 10 Average Salary in South Africa :

Per Hour: R 121 per Hour

Per Month: R 8,495 per Month

Per Year: R 196845 per Year

  • Taxi Driver:-

Yes Definitely Taxi Driving jobs in South Africa are also a great option for anyone who wants to start their driving career then you need a CODE B License for driving a taxi in South Africa; 

If anyone wants to drive a taxi in South Africa needs to complete all the sections of the C-BRTA Permit Application form and submit the complete form with necessary documents with valid details about you after completing this form you need to submit the C-BRTA Permit Form which indicated in Annexure E (After submitting the form you will get 14 days temporary permit for driving taxi);(Driving jobs in South Africa)

Candidates need to submit their all documents by hand to the permit office or by email to permits@cbrta.co.za;

Taxi Driver jobs in South Africa Average salary:

Per Hour: R 73.78 per Hour

Per Day: R 200 per Day

Per Month: R 3,475 to R 37,500 per Month

Per Year: R 169507 per Year


  • Delivery Driver:-

You can do delivery driver job also in that case you have many options to choose to drive different vehicles for delivery driver jobs in you can apply in different industries for delivery driver jobs you can apply for Two wheel Vehicle, Three wheel Vehicle, Four Wheel Vehicles you can apply (Driving jobs in South Africa);

The delivery driver can apply for these vehicles:-

  • Motor-bike Drivers
  • Van Driver
  • CODE 10 Truck Driver
  • CODE 14 Truck Driver

Delivery Driver jobs Salary in South Africa

Per Hour: R 89.29 per Hour

Per day: R 200 per day

Per Month: R 5000 to R14000 per Month

Per Year: R 60,000 to R 170,890 per Year

  • Bus Driver

If you have PDP License for heavy vehicles you can drive a bus or work as work driver jobs you can apply for all the latest bus driving jobs in which we all know the bus is basically used for transporting passengers from one place to another you can easily check latest bus driver jobs from all over the world or from south Africa on Govtjobresults website (Driving jobs in South Africa);

Salary for Bus Driving jobs in South Africa

Per Hour: R 103 per Hour

Per day: R 250 to R350 per day

Per Month: R 2000 to R28000 per Month

Per Year: R 260,000 to R 570,890 per Year

  • Courier Driver:-

Courier Driver jobs are also for you can easily apply for also latest jobs these types of jobs are as much similar like delivery jobs; Courier driver has some responsibilities like to take payments from a customer to deliver products on the doorstep of costumers (Driving jobs in South Africa);

  • Limo Driver jobs:-

Limo Drivers are the only professionals who will be hired by companies because limo drivers have to work with the businessman as chauffeurs or drivers; 

You need some skills to become a limo driver all over the world;

  • Communication Skill
  • Driving Skills
  • Properly Dressed
  • Responsible persons

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