Top 5 keyword research tool in 2020-21

keyword research tool

Top 5 Keyword Research Tool for a beginner in 2020-21

Hey Welcome everybody to my blog at this place you will get the best Digital Marketing, SEO tips for your successful career today we provide here the most powerful keyword researching tools for every beginner if they use these tools they can achieve high rankings on Google or Any search engine;

We all know at this competition on google or any search engine there have a lot of competition on any single keyword if you didn’t do proper keyword research it is impossible to get rankings on any search engine;

If you have a tool in your hand you can check the practices of your competitors or you can easily know how can they rank on a specific keyword if you have complete information about any keyword you have a complete way for outranking another website with doing some practice;

If you have the right keyword research tool you can easily beat your competitors or you can easily start competing with other ranking websites;

If you are a beginner you must know first about Keyword Research tools?

Most people didn’t do proper research about keywords people don’t do any type of research about targeting keyword they just seeing the volume of keyword and start working on keyword and they start writing that is not a way of produce good quality content;

Every beginner need to do complete keyword research before writing when they did proper research they get organic results on their website;

SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

Here is the most popular or Finest keyword research tool for every beginner must need to use in Beginning;

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ahref 
  • MOS

These are the top 5 Keyword research tool for every beginner or who want to make a career in Digital Marketing;

Let”s Know more about these Tools by which every beginner become pro in Few months easily;

  1. Google keyword planner:- 

Top 5 keyword research tool

Google keyword planner is an official keyword tool provided by Google which helps you lot to find the right keyword for your content by which you will get all the related keyword about your target keyword that call sub keyword of your main keyword;

Google keyword planner is free to use this tool to provide every information about the keyword you will get the search volume you will get the complete detail about every information you will get the competition report or your targeting keyword;

Create Account on Google keyword Planner:-


Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for a beginner you anyone can easily use Google keyword Planner is the tool which you use free without any cost if you want to create your account on google keyword planner you can easily start using this tool for free;

Create Account:-

Top 5 keyword research tool

If you want to use Google keyword you need to first sign up your Gmail id into Google Adwords Platform Click Here to signup 

How to find the right Keyword on Google keyword Planner?

Google keyword planner is one of the best keyword research tools for beginner Only who are a newbie you will get all data about any keyword you will get the important details about keyword Google keyword planner has used display google ads on google;

You will get the search volume of keyword easily you will get related ideas your targeting keywords, CPC value on keyword how much you earn on single click you will get all details about any targeted keyword for beginner Google keyword Planner is the best tool for all the beginner;


Top 5 keyword research tool

Ubbersuggest is the most powerful SEO or keyword research tool for all the beginner you will get more option in this keyword research tool this tool provide you more opportunity for every newbie you will easily do free proper keyword research in this tool;

Ubbersuggest tool is a basic keyword research tool which provides you basic details about the keyword you will get the basic information about the keyword you will get the information about a keyword that which site is ranking on a particular keyword;

When you search your targeted keyword in Ubbersuggest you will get the search Volume of keyword you will get the ad click value about on the keyword you will get the related keyword ideas about keyword with how many backlinks your website need to rank on a particular keyword to rank on Google or any search engine;

Ubbersuggest Features:-

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Checker
  • Import Site report/keyword report 
  • Related keyword Ideas
  • Search Volume of keyword
  • Check Ranking website according to keyword
  • Backlinks report of another website

Ubbersuggest is the best tool for every beginner who wants to rank on google you can easily access this tool just signup in this tool or you can access this tool but you can use all these features in Pro-version for that you have to pay subscription monthly Charges to Ubbersuggest;

Ubbersuggest is a famous tool create by Neil Patel  

If you are working in this digital Marketing you all know about Neil Patel is the most popular SEO expert, Leading Digital Marketing speaker, Digital Marketing Expert or he received many more titles in his career he is the biggest inspiration for all the beginner who wants to make a career in Digital Marketing;

Create an account on Ubbersuggest for free

Click Here



SEMRush is the most advance keyword research tool for every beginner who wants to become pro if you have this keyword research tool you have the ultimate power to rank on any keyword you get the best information about any keyword you will get that information about any keyword which you can’t imagine;

Top 5 keyword research tool

If you want to boost the Seo of your website then this is a highly recommended tool for every Digital marketer who is struggling with your blog or website you get the best SEO solution for your website you will get the unlimited feature by which any beginner become pro;

Feature of SEMrush

  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertise tools
  • Audience Insights
  • Backlinks information about any website
  • Keywords research tool
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Seo Friendly Writing tool
  • Site Audit
  • Comprehensive research about your competitor
  • Interlinking Details of any website
  • Keyword Difficulty report
  • CPC Map
  • Position Tracking
  • Social Media tracking
  • Backlink Audit tool
  • Content Analyzer
  • Ad Builder
  • Social Media Poster Maker
  • Keyword magic tool
  • PPC Kw tools

Or many more features available in this tool Click Here to know more about this tool;

SEMrush is Available in 3 plans you can choose anyone

SEMrush PlansCost of PlansClick here to enroll
Free trail Plan Free of costClick here
Pro99$ per MonthClick here
Guru$199 per MonthClick here
Business$399 per MonthClick here
EnterpriseContact to vendorClick here


You can try 7 days free trial of SEMrush for free Click below to enroll for free



Ahref is also the most famous keyword research tool which is also an effective tool in Digital marketing Ahref is the popular tool in 2019 you will get also unlimited opportunity with this tool you get the best information about keywords or you will get the complete data about any keyword;

Top 5 keyword research tool

Ahref is also the best keyword research tool for any beginner they can easily access this keyword research tool any beginner use this tool;

Features of Ahref:-

  • keyword Research from Search engines
  • See Click Data
  • Get total traffic Search volume estimation
  • You can see backlinks Growth & Decline over time
  • See keyword click distribution 
  • See top subfolders by traffic
  • Always Analyze the SERP history
  • Uncover Content Gaps
  • You can monitor Unbound links
  • You will get keyword ranking alert
  • Analyze internal backlinks 

Ahref is also the most famous keyword research tool for a beginner if you want to become an expert you have to need the right tools in your hand by which you will get best results in your career;

Ahref PlansCost Per PlanEnroll now
Trail Plan$7 for 7 daysClick here
Lite Plan$99 per monthClick here
Standard Plan$179 per monthClick here
Advanced $399 per monthClick here
Agency$999 per monthClick here


Moz is the most powerful keyword research tool which you can use for your Digital marketing career you will get the more useful resources in MOZ keyword research tool in 2020-21 you will get all important resources in this tool you get the best practices to rank on Google;

Top 5 keyword research tool

Features of  Moz

  • Keyword research tool
  • Backlink Checker
  • Site audit 
  • competitive research
  • Organic Research
  • Related keywords
  • Keyword difficulty analysis 
  • Seo training

Moz Price & Plans

Moz Price & Plans

Cost Per PlanEnroll now
Trail PlanFree TrialClick here
Standard Plan$99 per monthClick here
Medium Plan$149 per monthClick here
Large Plan$249 per monthClick here
Premium$599 per monthClick here

 These are the top 5 keyword research tool for any beginner who is searching the best keyword research tool in 2020-21 if you have any query regarding this article you can mention in the comment section we will resolve your query in 24 hours or as much fast as we can;

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