Kontent Machine Discount (Save 150$)

kontent machine

Kontent Machine Discount 2023 (Save 140$)

Kontent Machine provides lifetime services at an amazing price if you are one of those who building niches sites to expand your online business Kontent machine is the most popular tool to create unlimited articles for your website;00040053

If I look back past 3 years niches sites are popular for all the businesses you can create high-quality content with then Kontent Machine is the best tool;

Kontent Machine is a secret key to success bloggers or for every content writer you can create unlimited content for your clients after paying one time;

Kontent Machine Discount 2020 Save 140$ if you Buy it Today

When I started blogging in 2018 then most people start to talk about Niche blogging but it takes time to know about niche marketing finally I found Kulwant nagi sir’s website blogging Cage finally that cleared my mind about niche blogs;general EN USD wordpress square blue

If you are one of those who want to start earning or want to make money online through niche blogs most people don’t share these secrets of blogging but I have a good mentor who teaches me always share knowledge with others your knowledge should grow;

If you are reading this article it means you know about blogging if you know about blogging then you also know always quality content is always ranking on google the first page if you want to make money with blogging then you know the importance of quality content for your blog;

Now I am going to talk about a tool that makes my blogging life very simple now I generate monthly 500$ with my niche blogs;

In this article, I will provide my genuine review about this tool it helps you also if you are a beginner like me in 2018 or 2019 I am also one form those who struggle every day this is one tool that helps me to get scrap content from many various resources;

In this Content V3 review here cover depth information about this tool;



Why the Kontent Machine?

We are internet marketers we have to do many more things in a day, for example, this website is a job portal where we update every day new jobs for a single person to update jobs is not possible in that case we have two options to hire a team of writers;

or even if I start writing daily jobs it is not possible to rank on google for ranking we have to do a lot more tasks for our website;

We have to create a daily routine in such a way we have to learn new things and we have to experiment with rankings for our website;

Personally writing content for many sites is the toughest job for me… If I am writing if you have more than two websites same problem you also facing;

I tried a lot to reach out reaching services like fever, Freelancer or Even Hiring a content writer;

But in that case, I am facing a lot of headaches to managing each and I have to give them all instruction about content according to my requirement sometime probably I have to improve them sometime in that case I have to face a lot of issues even I spending 100$ per article;

In this situation, I want a smart assistant that could help me to outreach from these increasing headaches day by day;

In this case, I was looking for a tool who creates Good quality content for me without doing any effort and this tool generates high-quality content for me I have to spin content for one time only;

Finally, I found Kontent Machine;

The one tool which solves my all problems about good quality content it saves my a lot of time without any effort and I get the best quality content for my websites;

This tool provides features like:-

(1): Automatically Correct & Harvest Quality Content

(2): It produces relevant content according to your LSI term in His mind;

(3): It provides you high-quality content for external link building;

(4): 100% relevant tags & categories;

(5): Generate the best Title, summary and resource Box for your Articles;

(6): 100% relevant videos & images;

(7): Powerful Spintax;

(8): You will get popular spinning tools for integration (Spinner Chief, KM spinner, Spin writer, Spin chimp, the best spinner, Word Ai)

(9): Auto-Integration for your Blog 

(10): Best Automatically content-generating for defined tools Like SENuke, GSA, SEMON, SER, Sick submitter, etc;


There are many more awesome features when you will get more features when you start using once this tool 


Let’s do the review of this awesome Kontent Machine tool know how can you use this amazing tool if you have this tool;

Now I am going to show how you every window or mac use this tool so you must know about the features now I will tell how can I use this amazing tool step by step;

After reading all your information it is easy for you to make a decision about how to output so read carefully every detail;

Kontent Machine


#Main Window

When you start this software first Window you will see once you face this main window;

Kontent Machine discount

Here you see a small review of tools in First main window you get 6 options in the main window;

  • New
  • Saved
  • Quick
  • Blueprints
  • Tools 
  • Back

in this window, you create your new campaign you can’t open your existing file option you can do the quick article scraping and check campaign blueprint and you see other tools option ( for more tools I will explain them later in the Article)

#Easy to setting Campaign

Kontent Machine Discount

You can also do these setting easily I did the same setting below;

  1. Content Source – Built-in Article in Scraper
  2. Name of the Campaign – Blogging Campaign
  3. 3 main keyword relevant to your content ;
  4. Which spinner I am going to use ( in this tool I am using the best spinner;)
  5. I want images & videos my related  content keyword;

(1): How can you easily setup scrapper Setting in Kontent Machine?

Any kid can easily set up these settings just click on scraper setting and it will ask you several threads which you want to run, proxies and scraper times out;

Kontent machine


(2): Setup your Campaign Setting

You can easily set up your campaign Setting by just click on the campaign Setting button and you can easily set up your campaigns

Kontent Machine

You can create your amount of variation by which you add variation in your content or articles and you can select the spinner in options;

(3): Credentials

Kontent Machine has built the ability to change the same content and they  generated their own best spinner in which you can develop more valuable content for your website in a few seconds with the same content in different versions;


If you want to do this you just have to log in Kontent Machine then you can easily use the third party  API by which this tool easily convert scrap content into well designed dynamic content for you in Spintax format; 

In Kontent Machine I am using the Best spinner just adding my logging details;

Kontent Machine

(4): Advanced Features of Kontent Machine

In this tab, you can easily do setting for your videos & audio scrapping; This feature will help you to find related images & videos from many other various resources to create a dynamic article you can easily create valuable content for your website;

Kontent machine


(5): Contextual link Setting

When you create content in this amazing tool while content is producing it will be connected automatically the right URL and add your anchor text with your given link it places automatically by which it generated 100% genuine look to your content;

And this tool generate your content with proper SEO and it makes it very easy to read by any viewer;

Kontent machine

You just to have made all these settings step by step and you can fill you contextual links as well as the keyword you will see in the next window;

Kontent Machine

#You can Start the Scraping

You need to do once these settings you can easily build high-quality Content on a single click;

Here I share the screenshot while it is scrapping data;

Kontent machine

#Final Step after then you will Content will ready you can check

After you complete all these steps Once it will scrap all the Articles into the best spinner after then you High-quality SEO friendly content is ready for you here is the screenshot you can see this;


Kontent machine

You can click on the preview to check your content this tool provides you content in proper structure way you will best title list for your content you will get head section data you will get all section data in the proper structure way;

Check these amazing results;

  • Article 1
  • Article 2
  • Article 3

Note: these all three articles are built-or created in Kontent machine ;

 #There many more important features you will get in this tool;

This is the most powerful killing feature of Kontent machine, and that is an amazing tool by which you can import any content directly in your link building software and you can use it very easily;

You just have to click on the build button and export button;

 At this time I m personally using GSA Search Engine Ranker by which I m going to produce a well high-quality content from that tool only;

Kontent Machine

Once you create content you can import in the GSR search engine SER;

Kontent machine

Note: Finally launched GSA V3 API new latest version so you can easily use this API directly and you can import your content in your GSA Search Engine Ranker SER easily;

## Let’s know more best Features of Kontent Machine ##

  • Bookmark Creator

In Kontent machine, you easily create Bookmarks for your all submissions;

kontent machine

In this window, you can spin your content you can build high-quality content from any scrap content, Spintax format, and output format you can create many bookmarks for your per keyword in Kontent Machine ;

(2): Article Getter

If you are struggling to get the idea for your next article?

Finally, we will find the best solution for your all problems;

In the Kontent Machine, you will get many more powerful features & tools 

You will get scrap data from big web directories like Article alley, ezine Article, Article base, Yahoo Voice and many more other popular 7 directories;

Kontent machine

Now you have to click on Get Article button;

and Boom;

Now below section, you will get actual files generated by our expert content writer or mentor Kulwant Nagi Sir;

  • The output of SEO keyword Check results
  • The output of How to start content writing Check Results
  • The output of WordPress Keyword Check Results

(3): Many Other tools with their different features

You see all tools in Image below some features I am going secret from you which you can try when you start using Kontent machine then you can try them your own;

Kontent Machine


This tool provides you very fast results and it provides you accurate and produces high-quality SEO friendly article in Few clicks; You can save your 1000$(Thousands of Dollar) By using these amazing tools;

  • No need to hire any content writer;
  • You can create High-quality content in few click from Scrap content;

I am using this tool from 2 years and I highly recommend you to buy this tool if you are looking for a one-stop quality solution for your all problems;


In this tool, they don’t have any built proxy you have to buy premium proxies it makes your work very smoothly;

What’s the Price & plans?

Kontent machine, price of this tool is $357 for a lifetime and it was $37 if you want to pay monthly subscription;

But for Govtjobresults readers I have requested special prices for you all;

Lifetime $127 only for life Time ( Price will be increased after every 24 hours… if you buy this tool you see price $260… If


kontent Machine