Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2023

Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2022

Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2023

Non CDL driver jobs are for those people who want to drive mini trucks in which they don’t need a CDL license driving here we will provide you best Non-CDL Driving Jobs in the USA interested can submit a resume on the Govtjobresults website or if you have any extra jobs you can post free on our this website;

Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2022

If you are searching for Non CDL Driving jobs in USA or all over the world then Govtjobresults is one of the most popular websites for new & fresh jobs with Zero subscription or other charges if you want daily notifications you can apply through This website in few clicks (Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2023);

Name of The Company Job Title SalaryLast Date to apply 
Drive My WayNon-CDL Driver$900 to $1080 per Week31/12/2024

Apply Now

Moda MovingNon-CDL Driver$18.00 to $27 per Hour31/12/2023

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Staffmark Non-CDL Driver$23.00 per Hour31/12/2023

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Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA Near Me

Here are the top 10 Cities in the USA for Non-CDL driving jobs Interested can submit a resume for the latest jobs and get daily jobs updates by allowing notification;

Top 10 Cities for Non CDL Driving jobs in the USA

(1): New York
(2): Chicago
(3): San Diego 
(4): Los Angles
(5): Boston
(6): San Francisco
(7): San Antonio
(8): San Jose
(9): Washington DC
(10): Nashville

If you are searching for Non CDL driving jobs in the USA you visit these jobs which are located near you and get daily new jobs in the USA near you to get daily fresh job notifications to apply now (Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2023);

Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA Near Me

Dump Truck Driver Jobs Tow Truck Driver jobs Forklift Operator Jobs 
Box Truck Driver Jobs Welding Jobs in USA

FAQ About Non CDL Driving Jobs in the USA

Let’s discuss more None CDL Driving jobs and get more information about Non-CDL Driving jobs if you have any questions related to this topic or if you have any queries you can comment below we will provide you with complete answers in detail;

Q. How to apply for CDL License in the USA?

If you need a CLD license you follow these steps to get CDL Driving License:-

  • Step 1: If you are an applier for CDL your age needs to be at least 21 years of age(or you need at least 18 years)
  • Step 2: If you wish to obtain a Class A or Class B CDL, You must successfully complete driver training from FMCSA Approved training providers;
  • Step 3: If you complete your document then submit your CDL application and pay the appropriate Fee;
  • Step 4: Candidates need to provide their original identity & Social Security number verification (Check your state’s requirements)
  • Step 5: You need proof of state and US residency;
  • Step 6: Candidates need to submit their latest medical report and medical examiner certificate form;
  • Step 7: You need to pass Eye Vision Test 
  • Step 8: Applier needs to pass the education Test
  • Step 9: If you clear all tests first your CLP (Commerical Learners Permit )
  • Step 10: It takes at least 14 days before you can schedule your CDL road skills examination;
  • Step 11:  You need to pass a pre-trip inspection;
  • Step 12: You have to pass a pre-trip inspection;
  • Step 13: When you clear the test after passing, you have to pay the necessary fees for a new CDL (Optionally Submit a 10 Year Record Check, if the candidate had a driver’s license in any state or jurisdiction other than the one where you applying for your commercial driver license)

Q. What does CDL Stand for?

CDL stands for Commercial Driver license, Which is required to drive or operate Heavy & larger vehicles you saw on the road; If you live in the USA then you know that the US government announce that CDL has been required since April 1992; 

Q.What is a non-CDL driver?

A noncommercial license driver’s license; is one of the standard licenses for driving mini trucks or vans, etc if you have a non-CDL license you can drive any vehicle which comes under non-CDL; 

if you need a non-CDL license you need some important documents for application for the non-CDL license you are at least +18 age it means you need to come in the adult category which is set by the government then you can apply for CDL or non-CDL license after few days you have to pass the driving test if you clear then USA Transport office provides you license ;(Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2022)

Q.Can a foreigner Driver Trucks in the USA?

Yes foreigners can drive trucks in the USA if they have getting hired by any professional company if anyone can get the job or is hired by the company provide them an authorization document or candidates need an unexpired passport accompanied by approved customs and candidates to need border protection (CBP) I-94 Arrival/Departure and the record may need non-domiciled CDL;

Q.Do local drivers need CDL?

CDL License driver is basically also known as a commercial driver’s license which is used to drive heavy vehicles like CDLA Truck it is not necessary to take a CDL license to the driver local but if you have a CDL license then you can drive any heavy vehicle with CDL License;

(Warning: It is illegal to have a license from more than one State)

CDLA is required for heavy vehicles like Truck, Trailer, and Dump Truck or for many heavy vehicles there are special endorsements that may be required if any candidate or driver needs to drive 6 wheel or 8-wheel truck drivers;()Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2022

Q.Can Truck Driver Get Green Cards in the USA?

It is possible if your intention is to work or want to live permanently in the USA as a Truck Driver or you’re doing any other job with an authorized company if you want to live in the USA then you need an employer who is willing to act as the sponsor of an employment-based file petition for your residency in the USA;

For a green card from the USA this significantly needs more time-consuming than non-immigrant or multiple visa options;(Non CDL Driving Jobs in USA 2023)

Q.Do you need to be a US citizen to be a truck driver?

No it’s not necessary to get US citizenship to become a truck driver but you need to obtain a commercial driver’s license; you can obtain CDLA License in certain conditions if a company hired you then the company can help you in that case;

Q.What states have non CDL Truck Driving Jobs in the USA?

In the USA there are many states you will get NON CDL Truck Driving jobs in USA you can visit or apply for these states;

  • Nebraska 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Arizona 
  • Maryland 
  • Indian 
  • Oregon 
  • Louisana 
  • Alabama 
  • South Carolina
  • Florida

If you are searching for the latest jobs you submit them on our this website and get daily fresh jobs we update our job pages by just applying we don’t take any charges;




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