Overnight Jobs near me USA 2023

Overnight Jobs near me USA 2022

Overnight Jobs near me USA 2023

Welcome to Govtjobresults if you are searching for night Shift or overnight Shift jobs from all over the USA; Govtjobresults provides all the daily fresh jobs interested can submit a resume you can allow notification by pressing the bell icon to get daily fresh job updates;

Overnight Jobs near me USA 2022

Get all the upcoming jobs from all over the USA people are doing a lot of hard work to get jobs if you are facing problems to finds jobs then Govtjobresults is the best place where you will get all types of jobs and all the latest Night Shift or Overnight Shift jobs near you from all over the USA:

Overnight Jobs near me 2023

Get daily all the latest overnight jobs hiring near me yes you can be hired by the company if you apply properly you will get granted overnight jobs in the USA;

Company Name Title of Job Salary Last Date to Apply Now
Wegmans OverNight Shift USD$15 to $16 Per Hour Apply Now


Heidelberg Materials OverNight Shift USD$18 Per Hour Apply Now


The Mejjer Company OverNight Shift USD$20 to $28 Per Hour Apply Now


Home Instead Human Care Services OverNight Shift USD$11 to $17 per Hour Apply Now


Frito Lay North America Night Shift USD$ 22.13 per Hour Apply Now


What are the overnight jobs near me?

Overnight job Shift work is jobs that take place during the night hours after 9 pm to 8 am it means overnight shift jobs are called overnight Shift jobs (Overnight Jobs near me); 

Types of Overnight Jobs Near Me 2023

Here are more than the top 18 overnight Shift jobs near you which you can apply for that get all the latest submit your resume on the website apply now;

  • Hotel Receptionist:-

Average National Salary  $25,175 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If the candidate has to work as a Hotel Receptionists greets and has to assist all the guest which are coming or going outside they have to guide them to their or access the hotel rooms and amenities (Overnight Jobs near me); 

This is a job for individuals who like to interact with people if you work in this position as a responsible person who can handle guests, this is an enjoyable and fulfilling job; Hotel receptionists have the opportunity to meet new persons or people from all over the world;

  • Home Health Aide:-

Average National Salary $28,604 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If the Candidate’s job as Home Health Aide has to assist all the patients in the patient’s house, they have to often fulfill the daily needs of the patient such as bathing, Cleaning, Feeding, and transporting duties of the patient to appointments;(Overnight Jobs near me) 

This job position can offer flexible hours and a chance to make difference in someone’s life;

  • Stocking Associate:-
Average National Salary Wise $29,362 per year

Essential Duties:- If you work as a stocking Associate you receive daily inventory and you have to place products on the right shelves or the right place which is guided by the company; They have a responsibility to may also ensure that how much no the product is available in inventory how much units they placed in shelves or how many are lefts (Overnight Jobs near me);

Every employee who works a stocking associate position has to work every time customers are in the store or there is no customer  you have to continue to visit all the shelves or display racks are fully filled with by-products or not;(Overnight Jobs near me) 

The company needs an active employee for this position which can allow stockers to focus on the task provided by them by the head of the team; Employees need good communication skills;

Average National Salary for this Position $30,756 per Year

Essential Duties:- 

If you working in the position of security Guard duties you have the responsibility of monitoring buildings or properties to prevent any type of loss or any criminal Or dangerous activities (Overnight Jobs near me);

Or if you work as an overnight security officer you have to pay more time patrolling the complete property and you have to observe the atmosphere everything is alright if you feel any activity you have to call an emergency no if you feel any danger;

You can also check all the camera activities all over the properties if working as a security guard or officer can offer a very slow pace and have to act to keep the safe property and people both;

  • Customer Service Representative:-

Average National Salary $32,454 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you work as a customer service representative have to help the customers in a variety of ways; Customer service representatives have assisted the customer regarding their problems or for consulting (Overnight Jobs near me); 

Candidates need good behavior with smartness to handle or answer questions related to company services; this position is basically for people who want to interact with other people and want to provide help;

  • Bartender:-
Average National Salary  $34,938 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you work as a bartender position then you know first you have to deal with drunk people the first thing you need to be polite & calm behavior for this job, Bartenders have to prepare drinks and have to serve customers while keeping the bar clean and you have to respond to fully stocked the display shelves in Bar;

If you work as a bartender then you have the opportunity to increase your money by having tips from customers; if you give great service to customers if they feel good they give you some amount of money as goodies; 

For people who have a passion to interact with customers or want to meet new people then this job is for you because if you work as a bartender then you have to spend a lot of time with customers;

  • Emergency Dispatcher:-
Average National Salary $39,068 per Year

Essential Duties:- 

If you are working as an emergency dispatcher is a very responsible job for those who need to be most active during their shift time, Candidate needs to receive all the emergency calls and direct emergency personnel to resolve or handle all the critical situations and provides assistance and calls;

The company needs a person for this job only who have good communication skill and have the ability to take the call or talk with empathy with patients or person who is facing any problem;

Emergency Dispatcher help people when they need it most and those in this position often find they are making difference in their community;

  • Baker:-
Average National Salary of Baker $39,411 per Year

If you work as Baker in Bakery or restaurant if you do overnight jobs then you have more responsibility of making food to stock for bakeries, Mostly you have worked at late-night so that early morning food will be ready as soon bakery opens at any time the morning;

Bakers have to work overnight because it increases speed & works in a fast-paced environment that allows or increases focus without any interruption; 

If you are a baker then you have the opportunity to have also chance to experiment with or invent new recipes or decorations and use your culinary creativity to expand your bakery offerings;

  • Information Technology Support Specialist:-
Average National Salary $43,067 per Year

Essential Duties:- 

If you working as an informational Technology support specialist have to assist customers or colleagues with issues to related technology; Support specialists have to solve or troubleshoot customers’ problems or have to maintain customer call records or have to take feedback & ratings for company records (Overnight Jobs near me);

If you heard about the IT field this is your chance to work in the Information technology field this is one of the most high-demand jobs; if you are working in this position who is enjoying learning about technology or new software then this job is for you, this is can be excellent position (Overnight Jobs near me);

  • Firefighter:-

Average National Salary  $44,013 per Year

Essential Duties:- 

If you work as Firefighter have to respond to any type of dangerous emergency, you have to rage from buildings on fire to car accidents. this position is for the responsible person only who will so professional provide any type of critical aid to people who are often in crisis;

If you work at the position then you will be rewarded by people who want to improve the lives of others who have a passion to hold for those who do well under pressure;

  • Freelance Writer:-
Average National Salary $49,013 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you are working as a freelance writer then you have to spend your time writing articles or other important documents for clients; Freelancers have to research information and have to create content on keywords that clients provide them; Freelancers are hired for targeted work; 

  • Electrician:-
Average National Salary $52,371 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you working as an electrician you must have knowledge about electricity because this is one of the most dangerous jobs you are doing all over the world, An Electrician needs to have knowledge of installing and managing electrical systems in offices, homes, buildings;(Overnight Jobs near me)

The electrician needs to respond to power outages or other  electrical problems as needed during the situation and you need to perform routine maintenance; If you are working overnight Duty as an electrician or may work for any companies that prefer employee have to complete all the maintenance outside for business hours;

  • Police Officer:-
Average National Salary $52,173

Essential Duties:-

If you are working as Police Officer then you already know this is one of the responsible jobs, Every police officer has to respond to any type of emergency in their area and crimes; People called them a number of times for many reasons, such as gunfire or any type of criminal activity;

If you working in an officer position then every police officer aims to keep their communities safe and they have to help people in need; This position also offers flexibility because an emergency can occur at any time; which police officers needs must be available during any time of the day or night;

  • Truck Driver:-
Average National Salary $69,489 per year 

Essential Duties:-

If you are working as a Truck Driver then you have many responsibilities to deliver goods or products from one location to another; If you know that truck drivers must travel long distances such as across the country, in order to deliver all the products to their destination which provided by the company (Overnight Jobs near me);

This job is for that person who loves to drive first or wants to travel from one place to another place;

  • Musician and Performer:-
Average National Salary $69,489 per Year

Essential Duties:- 

If you are working as a musician or performer then your life is at on next level because this is the job which you enjoy a lot by just leaving with your passion but every musician & performer have to present their acts for crowds or parties by singing, playing an instrument or demonstrating their acts (Overnight Jobs near me);

  • Nurse 

Average National Salary $81,118 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you work as a nurse have to handle patients or treat them in many settings; such as hospitals & or long-term care facilities; Every nurse has much more responsibility to take care of patients or have the duty to give medicine at a time to their patient’s nurses have to check every patient time to time; 

Read More:- Nurse Jobs:-

  • Air Traffic Controller:-
Average National Salary $122,990

Essential Duties:- 

If you working as an air traffic controller then this is a job in which you have many lives in your hand then if required more attention or activeness during your shift; Air Traffic controllers work directly with pilots during take-off; 

They have to monitor weather conditions and airfield traffic during flying or at plain landing time they have to monitor the sky and lands and air traffic fields;

If you working in this position that offers a high salary with many extra benefits this is fast based job, and this was a great challenging opportunity to keep all the passengers and staff of airplanes secure;

  • Emergency Doctor Room:-
Average National Salary  $181,964 per Year

Essential Duties:-

If you work in Emergency Duties in a doctor’s room then you have to treat patients & any types of cases that come into the emergency room during all hours; 

In your shift, you have to handle all types of patients in various conditions & have to provide the right treatment at that time you have to order the required tests during that situation and diagnose illness (Overnight Jobs near me); 

For working in this position you need passion to help people  and if you want to make more money on regular basis you get a high salary every month; Being ER doctor can also be a fast-paced position that will keep you engaged in new learning every day(Overnight Jobs near me);

 FAQ About Overnight Jobs near me

Let us know more about what peoples have questions about overnight jobs if you have any queries you can comment below we will try to solve your query in brief;

Q.What type of Govtjobresults provides you with overnight jobs near me in 2023-24?

  • Part-time overnight jobs near me ;
  • Full-time overnight jobs near me;
  • Overnight jobs which pay you weekly;

Q.What is the time shift when overnight jobs will start?

Mostly overnight shift jobs started after 8 pm to morning 8 am to 9 am you have to work for at least 10 to 12 hours per day all night;

Q.What is evening shift jobs?

If you working is evening shift it means your job timing will start at least 4 pm to 12 am at night at that time anyone works it means are working an evening shift job (Overnight Jobs near me);

Q.What is the average salary for overnight Shift jobs?

The average salary of people who work in overnight shift jobs is started at a minimum of $30,000 or a maximum of $81,978 per year if you work in overnight shift jobs.


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